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Titanium insoluble Anode Iridium Coated
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Product: Views:95Titanium insoluble Anode Iridium Coated 
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Last updated: 2019-05-22 09:23
Ruthenium Series Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anode

Substrate :Gr1/Gr2( Titanium)

MMO Coating:RuO2+IrO2+Pt+X  

Current Density:<5000A/MContents of Precious 

Metals:≥10g/mContents of HCl:<20%Working 

Temperature:<80℃Contents of F Ion<50mg/LPh Value:1-12

Anodes for Ionic Membrane Electrolyzer in Chlorine Industry 
a.Excellent catalytic activity and catalytic selectivity. 
b.remarkable corrosion resisting ability. 
c.Long service life. 
d.Low chlorine  evolution potential.
2、Performance Guarantee
a. Initial chlorine evolution potential (Saturated NaCl, ID=3kA/m2):≤1.10V vs SCE. 
b. Guaranteed Life:more than 10 years. Within the warranty period, the hydrogen evolution potential(ID=3kA/m2)is less than 1.1V vs  SCE. 
3、The geometrical shapes of the products 
Baoji Changsheng Titanium is able to offer the ionic membrane anode products of different shapes:Circular punching mesh, rhombus punching mesh, grizzly bar shape, pulling mesh, flat mesh., etc. Their shapes and dimensions are suitable for all kinds of ionic membrane cell profile.
4、Scope of Service
The Manufacturing of the new anodes, the re-coating of the old anodes, the maintenance of the electrolyzers, the replacing of the anodes, the comprehensive evaluation of the anode’s properties, etc.
5、Price and After-sale Service
The ionic membrane anode products from Baoji Changsheng Titanium has its own cost-effective advantage. The company is always responsible for its products sold and offers the all-time-follow-up services.


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